We Value

  • Our Students: We offer children an opportunity for excellence holding that all children are creative and critical thinkers and have the potential to learn at the highest levels as they develop into life-long learners.
  • Our Families: Family participation in the life of the school is essential and takes many forms.  The exchange of ideas between families and teachers is vital to development of a learning community.  Families have the potential to bring vitality and richness to the school by contributing distinctive life experiences and wisdoms.
  • Our Teachers:  We seek to attract and develop dedicated educators by creating a professional environment in which teachers can develop their full potential.
  • Our Community: Plessy serves all of Orleans Parish but is rooted in the St. Roch, Bywater,St. Claude and Marigny neighborhoods and draws on the resources of our community who is eager to help. serves as a focal point for the community and has a sense of place.
  • Our Diversity:  We aim for our hallways to reflect the diversity of the sidewalks of our neighborhoods. We see diversity as a powerful tool in a child’s education. Our aim is that students, teachers, and parents reflect the racial and cultural diversity of the area.
  • Our Impact: We believe that our students, families and staff are change agents and therefore emphasize  the importance of citizenship and community engagement.