In support of the 2018 Tricentennial Commission’s community engagement efforts, Homer A. Plessy Community School (“Plessy School”) will host the 2018 New Orleans Tricentennial Education Summit. We invite you to submit a proposal for the Summit, which will be held on March 10, 2018 at Homer A. Plessy Community School, 721 St Philip St, New Orleans, LA 70116.

The New Orleans Tricentennial Education Summit will offer educators hands-on, innovative approaches to classroom instruction that directly link to New Orleans' 300th Anniversary. These one hour workshops will be presented by knowledgeable facilitators and will cover an array of topics that integrate the arts, science, math and ELA with the history of New Orleans for either upper or lower school educators. This is your opportunity to share your expertise and tap your creativity by developing an original workshop session for presentation at the New Orleans Tricentennial Education Summit.

About the New Orleans Tricentennial Education Summit

The Tricentennial Education Summit is a teachers’ conference that brings the education community of Orleans Parish together to consider and share best practices, connect and build relationships, and move our schools closer to the ideals of education. The Summit will feature simultaneous sessions geared toward either lower school (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) or upper school (4th through 8th grade). The goal for each session is to equip local educators with subject matter and tools to enrich their classroom during the 2018 Tricentennial year. By attending the Summit, educators will be engaged, enlightened, and inspired as they connect with hands-on activities and new approaches to bring New Orleans’ past 300 years into their classroom.

About the New Orleans Tricentennial

2018 celebrates New Orleans' 300th Anniversary. As one of the world’s most unique and diverse cities, New Orleans will celebrate with our citizens and open our doors to the world to share our rich history and culture. During the Tricentennial, we will celebrate our past accomplishments, the resilience of our people, and set the course for our future.

Proposal Information

Plessy School seeks a broad range of topical presentations for the New Orleans Tricentennial Education Summit.  The ideal speaker will have content that contains a strand to connect the city's tricentennial to a K-8 classroom. These one hour sessions will offer thematic best practices for hands-on, interactive activities with concepts that teachers can readily bring back to their upper or lower school classrooms for immediate use.  Appropriate topic areas include (but are not limited to):

  • 1718 and the founding of New Orleans by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville

  • The Place d’Armes, which is now Jackson Square

  • Slavery and local indigenous populations

  • Congo Square

  • French rule and when the territory was ceded to the Spanish

  • The United States and the Louisiana Purchase

  • Free people of color

  • The Civil War

  • Reconstruction

  • The role the Mississippi River has played in New Orleans

  • Homer Plessy and the Jim Crow era

  • Diversity and the New Orleans' multi-cultural gumbo

  • The science behind Creole architecture

  • The evolution of New Orleans’ music and the birthplace of  jazz

  • Mardi Gras

  • Mardi Gras Indians

  • Ecology, erosion, and elevation- New Orleans coastal home

  • Integration and Ruby Bridges

  • 1984 World’s Fair

  • 2005, Hurricane Katrina and Federal levee failures

  • Removal of Confederate monuments

Proposal Selection Criteria

Plessy School is seeking a workshop description, learning objectives, and instructional methods. In providing this information, please provide enough detail so that the planning committee can understand how the session will be structured, how the content strand will connect to the tricentennial (300 Years of New Orleans), and what instructional methodologies will be incorporated into this content strand.  

Each proposal will be reviewed by Plessy’s Academic Support and Review Committee. The Committee will review proposals based on adherence to general guidelines, including:

  • Overall workshop quality applicable to lower school (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) or upper school (4th through 8th grade) educators

  • Integration of the arts, science, math and ELA

  • Alignment with the Tricentennial celebration and the history of New Orleans

  • Length of presentation: 60 minutes

  • Experience/expertise of presenters

In addition, each proposal should:

  • Encourage active learning (indicate in the proposal what active learning strategies you will use to engage the audience in the session instead of having them passively listen to information);

  • Demonstrate innovative thinking;

  • Present ideas, best practices, and/or relevant research for positioning attendees as effective educators within their schools/organizations; and

  • Present strategies for effective implementation of information learned once attendees are back in their classrooms.