Plessy has contracted with Fresh Food Factor to provide meals at the school for the 2017-2018 school year.  Fresh Food Factor’s mission is simple:

  • Make fresh, healthy food a staple instead of a rare treat
  • Nourish the bodies and minds of our local community from the inside out
  • Provide administrators a viable alternative to the quick fix of processed foods
  • Nurture and invest in the existing talent pool in our community by providing culinary training and job placement assistance

To learn more download the Fresh Food Factor brochure here.

To learn about Homer Plessy's Wellness Policy, please click here

During the summer, families can find Summer Feeding Site information by following this link for locations near you. 

Schedule of School Meals

May Meals:

May Breakfast and Lunch

May Snack

May Supper

Previous Months:

April Breakfast and Lunch

April Snack and Supper

March Breakfast and Lunch

March Snack

March Supper

February Breakfast and Lunch

February Snack

February Supper

January Breakfast and Lunch 

January Snack

January Supper

December Breakfast and Lunch

December Snack

December Supper

November Breakfast and Lunch

November Snack

November Supper

October Breakfast and Lunch

October Snack

October Supper

September Breakfast and Lunch

September Snack

August Breakfast and Lunch