Pre-K Tuition

Pre-K (4 years old) has both tuition based and LA 4 based seats (tuition free) available. Eligibility for these programs can be determined here. Those who enroll in the Pre-K tuition based program, the tuition for the year is $4,580 which breaks down to $508.89 per month beginning in September and ending in May. If you are able to pay the entire amount before the school year begins, you will receive a $100 discount ($4,480).

Payments are due before the 15th of each month in the amount of $508.89 beginning in Sept and ending in May. Preferred payment methods are check, cash, or EFT.

If there are issues regarding payment, they will need to talk to the office. However, if they accepted the tuition spots, they know the cost at registration and should plan accordingly. We have 15 Tuition spots and 25 LA4 spots which are free because of economic reasons.

Questions concerning Pre-K tuition, please email:


Plessy’s school day starts at 8am, if you need to drop your child(ren) off earlier we do have a Before-Care option through our partnership with Community Works. Before-Care is open to all grades and runs from 7:00 to 8:00am every morning Monday - Friday. Enrollment is ongoing and is $50 a month, click here to enroll

Preferred payment is credit card via their payment portal at,

Paid After School

Paid After School is an option for families when the our free program through Community Works is on a break. See the dates below for the Paid After School schedule.

  • August 19th - September 9th

  • December 2nd - 19th

  • April 14th - May 15th

Registration costs for each section of Paid After School is $150. Enrollment is ongoing , click here to enroll click here to enroll

Preferred payment is credit card via their payment portal at,

Other Fees

Field Trips may cost between $0-$20 per trip.

Athletics uniforms and supplies may cost between $0-$20 per season.

Schools supplies may cost between $35 and $65 per year.