Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools runs our after-care program called Champ Camp.  Communities In Schools believes that every child needs and deserves these “Five Basics.” A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult, a safe place to learn and grow, healthy start and a healthy future, marketable skill to use upon graduation, chance to give back to peers and community.  Learn more at

Early Learning Focus, Inc.

For over 30 years, the principals in Early Learning Focus have worked to bring developmentally appropriate training and materials to children’s “first teachers,” –families, caregivers, and early childhood educators– in order to give low income/under-served children the social-emotional and cognitive tools, necessary to succeed in school and beyond.  The E.L.F. team at Plessy are working towards ensuring a successful Kindergarten transition.

Louisiana A+

Louisiana A+ Schools is a research-based whole school program with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner through an arts-integrated school network. Learn more at

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Through the Music for Life program with the LPO, bassists Paul Marces and Matt Ambro provide individual and group instruction for students in the Plessy Strings Program. The partnership also provides funding for materials and repairs. 

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

The Jazz and Heritage Foundation generously provides funding to our arts programs through their Community Partnership Grant. Through the Jazz and Heritage Community Partnership Grant, violinist and violist Amelia Clingman has been provided individual instruction to students in the Plessy Strings Program for the past 3 years. More information can be found here.

Pro Bono Publico Foundation

The Pro Bono Publico (For the Public Good) Foundation takes its name form the motto of the Rex Organization. Rex's Founding in New Orleans in 1872 gave the city not only a monarch and a glittering parade to lead its Mardi Gras celebration, but also a tradition of service in response to the needs of the city. The motto Rex's founders chose embodies that commitment to service. Plessy School's Strings program has been funded in part by this generous organization. 

Dr. Jess Tregle, MscD

Dr. Jess Tregle is a Natural Healing Specialist that believes when you heal your spirit, you heal your life! She has chosen Homer A. Plessy Community School as her community outreach project for her practice. Throughout the school year, Dr. Jess, as she's known, works with students and families as she leads guided meditation sessions. The timing of the sessions have been chosen to coincide with the sometimes stressful testing cycles that students face throughout the school year.