Board Room

Board Meetings

Board meetings are currently held on the 1st Monday of each month at 6 pm at Homer Plessy Community School, 3820 St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 and are open to the public.

Announcement: The March Board meeting date has been changed to March 17, 2014.

Board Members

  • Bob Brian, Member
  • Nigel Fields, Treasurer
  • Randy Hutchison, Member
  • Jackson Knowles, Vice President
  • Ben McLeish, President,
  • Brooke Muntean, Secretary
  • Michael Pizzolatto, Member
  • Keith Plessy, Member
  • April Bedford, Member
  • Gilda Armstrong Butler

Organizational Purpose

The Citizens’ Committee for Education (CCE) is a 501(c)3 organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes. CCE primarily exists to create a grass-roots driven process to further public education opportunities in the downtown neighborhoods of New Orleans, LA. To this end, CCE operates the Homer A. Plessy Community School (HAPCS).

The mission of HAPCS is to develop students who think critically and act responsibly as citizens. Drawing inspiration from our school’s namesake and from the resources of this community we will provide a stimulating and enjoyable environment that promotes academic excellence and understanding within a diverse society. Our goal is to maximize learning potential and promote development of the whole child. We want our students to mature into whole, healthy people who are confident about their gifts and their place in the world as contributors, who have keen minds and compassionate hearts and who contribute to a world that needs them. We are committed to an academic program that emphasizes a passion for life-long learning.

Organizational History

Though CCE became a state recognized entity in the spring of 2011, the work of its members and constituents has been going on for several years. What started off as a few families, neighbors and community advocates concerned about the educational future of children, school buildings and school programs, has now evolved into a groundswell of concern and action. Many of those involved with CCE where participants, organizers and hosts to many of the neighborhood planning meetings that inundated life in New Orleans post-Katrina. With the future of education being a rallying point, CCE has spent the last 3 years organizing community members, hearing their concerns and dreams and ultimately making successful application to the OPSB to run a charter school.

Additionally, the board of CCE brings a wealth of expertise and experience in a broad range of areas including education, nonprofit management, school design and construction, community advocacy and much more. Above all, the participants of CCE have friends, neighbors and their own children who ignite their passion and drive to see the best in education offered in the neighborhoods that they hold so dearly.

Programs and Services Offered

  • Community Organizing: CCE works tirelessly to organize the community around the felt need of education. CCE has held regular neighborhood meetings and has made communities aware of RSD, OBSP and other public education meetings through e-mails, websites, social media and flyering.
  • Community Advocacy: CCE has worked hard to bring transparency and accountability to the public education system in New Orleans. Much of CCE’s work has centered around seeking transparency in the process of assigning school buildings to operators and in particular what roles neighbors and parents play in this process.
  • Charter Application Writing: CCE has completed and submitted the OPSB application to run a charter school, the Homer A. Plessy Community School.

Staff Expertise

CCE is a volunteer run organization and does not have any paid staff at this time particular to the CCE. Both the board and the members bring a plethora of expertise in a variety of areas pertaining to education and the running of an excellent community school.